8 November 2012

I'm giving a talk on the Biography of the Blessed Virgin Mary, in Cambridge - see details below.
Biography of The Blessed Virgin Mary

At 7pm, Tuesday 20th November

In the parish centre of Little St. Mary’s Church,

Trumpington Street Cambridge CB2 1QG

Talk based on recently published book:

“Biography of the Blessed Virgin Mary”

By Sarah Abraham Knight

First full translation into English of 1st and 4th century Syriac/Armaic books
narrating the events in the life of Mary, Mother of Jesus, from birth to death.

All are wecome. Refreshments afterwards.


2 November 2012

I was born, brought up and educated in Kerala, India, and am very much a product of that land. Now I find myself living in Cambridge, forever pining for the coconut-groves of Kerala, like the Norwegian Blue Parrot for the fjords.

My family mistook my early exhibitions of compassion and curiosity about the natural world  - nursing sick and orphaned animals, giving my brother’s precious caged mynah-birds their freedom, doing ‘operations’ when a labourer had a thorn in his foot,  etc - for a promise of greater feats in the field of medicine and they decided that I should study medicine.

But the plan was deeply flawed from the outset. The B.Sc. I did while waiting to go to medical school turned out to be three debilitating years when during dissections I would either crash to the floor like a felled tree at the sight of blood, or was politely asked by the professor to step outside while he carried out a demonstration.

The switch to English Literature helped to fill my subsequent academic life with sunshine and breeze.

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